Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a makeup company that began only about 15 years ago.  In an industry of makeup giants it has made a name for itself by being edgy, colorful and different.   They have a broad target market – women ages between 15-40; specifically segmented towards those that want vibrant cosmetic products or exclusively cruelty-free makeup.

The company primarily markets through retailers, higher end department stores and the internet.  Print media is also a huge marketing platform in the entire fashion industry.  Urban decay’s marketing campaigns often garnered instant attention with taglines that were truly unique and memorable, such as: “Does Pink Make you Puke?”  The marketing screams at the group of women looking for cosmetics that will allow them to share their individuality with the world.  The company differentiates its products in every way they can.  The packaging is different – such as aluminum metal containers.  The products themselves are bright & colorful, the pigments are as rich as can be, and finally 100% cruelty free.  Urban Decay focuses on consumers looking for products that fit their lifestyle, be it cruelty free products that cater to those that expect social responsibility or individuals that expect more variety – a niche market untapped by traditional brands.

Personally, I enjoy Urban Decay’s products and respect their efforts as an exclusively cruelty free cosmetics company.  My experience with their products has been superior to those of other brands and I’m willing to pay more for products that are cruelty free.


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