Customer Acquisition Analysis -Xin Liu

Bitcasa is a start-up from Angellist that offers infinite storage across all devices. It serves as iCloud, Dropbox and Skydrive that content is no longer tied to a specific device. Users can save and access their pictures, movies, and documents from anywhere and never have to worry about space. There are no storage limits, users can securely and privately send entire photo albums or video collections to anyone. Everything is encrypted and backed up so user data is always safe and secure. This is a paid service for $10 a month.

Bitcasa’s customer acquisition strategy is mostly inbound. They are using logos, web presence, SEO and social channels to target their potential customers. There is a main web page that shows the description on both words and video of this product, which provides potential customers very direct information of this product. On other pages, customers can learn about their team and stories. Also, customers can comment on their product so that the team could get in-time feedback directly. By following them and their team members on Twitter and liking them on Facebook, they are acquiring potential customers by social media channels.

There is no trial for customers to sign up. Maybe it’s only the beginning of this start-up. I think trial for customers is very necessary because at this time, the feedback and support from the first customers are very important for improve their products. And I suggest giving free access to the signed up customers for a month and look for their feedback after that. it’s also because people are easier to choose to stay rather than opt-out. Also, they could use the strategy of some other websites that giving current customers bonus by letting them invite their friends. And they could share stuff with their friends, which could help build up the customer group. And once most of the friends are using one product, it actually increases the switching cost of customers, which would stabilize  the customer group for longer term.


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