Customer Acquisition Strategy for GreenCupboards

GreenCupboards is an online retailer of eco-friendly products for homes and business. Their targeted customers are those who strive to do the right things to make the planet sustainable, but are challenged to find a broad selection of eco-friendly products that work and cost about the same as a their non-green counterparts. They currently provide approximately 15,000 unique items from over 600 suppliers. They serve their customers in an easy, fun and educational way. To date, they have satisfied the purchasing needs of over 100,00 consumers since their establishment in 2008.

To obtain as much as consumers, they have developed diversified distribution channel for majorly inbound customer acquisition.

a)       Attract people to signup for their email list by providing $5 deduction code. People will hear their discount, promotion or other awesome deals via emails. This is a good way to enlarge their customer base and expand the profit pool. Once they have a large enough customer base, the goal for them should be maintain the loyalty of customers by offering new products that make sense, or the customers might unsubscribe because of the useless mailing bombs.

b)       Create social media account for promotion and interaction with customers. The buttons for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are very obvious on their homepage. Contracted to the email list, besides the production and promotion information, they also interact with their potential customers actively via these social media.

c)        Operate a blog for content marketing. Their aimed customers are those who care about the environment, so it is crucial for them to educate people and make them prefer to buy their eco-friendly products. They post educational and analytical blogs on topics related to their market.

After viewing several of their products, I found that most of their products are more expensive than the same one on other online market. We can see the “similar” links which can direct us to a new online store for every item of GreenCupboards. However, when I visit the same product on other online shop by clicking the link, I could not see the deal or the link for GreenCupboards on the “Similar” link. I do not know how the “Similar” link works, but if online business can invest money on the “Similar” link as advertisement,  I think it will be a good way for GreenCupboards to attain more customers.


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