RescueTime Customer Acquisition Strategy


RescueTime is a software company that has developed programs for monitoring a user’s time management while working on the computer. It is supposed to help determine how a person spends their time, and to point out areas where time is being wasted. They market their program to both individuals for personal use and managers for use in the workplace. For managers, they offer what is called a team plan and have a range of prices with $30/month for 2 employees, to $800/month for 100 employees.

For individuals, they have a free program called RescueTime Lite which the website says will be “free forever” while the RescueTime Pro which costs $6/month paid annually, but has a 2 week free trial period. The 2 week free trial requires a credit card, so I just signed up for the Lite version of the software. To sign up you can enter your information, or you can connect using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. The effect of connecting to RescueTime through these other accounts is to grant the application permissions to access your information when using these sites. Their website has inbound advertising in the form of buttons to “Like” the company on Facebook, or recommend it on Google+. They also have promotions where if you recommend the program and someone signs up for a free account, you will get 2 week of premium access for free; if the person signs up for a Pro account, you get 30 days free. This seems to be a good method for encouraging users to raise awareness for the product.

After signing up I received an automatic e-mail from the RescueTime team with tips on using the program.  I haven’t seen any online ads for the company, but they do have a Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, and a few other avenues to promote themselves online. Their blog is well-written and has a lot of articles with productivity tips, which should attract the people most likely to use the software.


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