Prezi—The Way To Get The Customer

Prezi is a web-based presentation tool that is different from traditional slides. You can organize, present, and share your ideas in a highly engaged and dynamic way.

Prezi divides their customers into four major segments.

  • Prezi for Business. “More effective meetings, more engaging presentations.” Along with business customers, three major products feet for business use: a)  Prezi Desktop, which enable people work online and store prezis in the could, or work offline with Prezi Desktop and keep the prezis on your own computer; b) Prezi Meeting, which is perfect for teams because up to 10 colleagues could brainstorm, create and present ideas in one shared virtual whiteboard; c) Prezi for iPad, which allows people go mobile with Prezi and zoom the finer details of your pitch or portfolio.
  • Prezi for Conferences. “Inspiring presentations your audience will remember.”
  • Prezi for Education. “More memorable lectures, more engaged students.”
  • Prezi for Non-profit. “Spread the word, change the world.” Prezi is an inspiring storytelling tool, which gives presenters the ability to interact with the audience in way that stimulates and activates conversation.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Prezi’s customer acquisition shows in three major ways. First, take advantages from social media. Instead of using ads strategy on social media, they put tons of prezis on its website and third party website like YouTube. This prezis are not only put by Prezi team, but also from their existing customers that had already got benefit from prezi. Therefore, the social media becomes a great “soft ads” to appeal potential customers. Those target customers could 1) find the advantage feature of Prezi products and 2) learn how to use this super fancy presentation and storytelling tool.

Second, opinion leader and word of mouth. It’s funny to find so many different CEOs and founders on one website saying good words for a web-based product.  I can’t tell big influence it is for those comments to web visitors, but for me, it do seems to be very attractive. <pic from prezi>



Besides the opinion leader, word of mouth can yet be regarded as another excellent free ads. For example, I got to know Prezi because I saw one of my colleagues used it in his presentation show. The visual effect was fabulous and I left a deep impression on this new presentation product. And after I used this tool in front of another group of people, many of them came to ask me what I used in my presentation. See? It works! Just like a virus loop, Prezi expands its ideas tremendous fast.

Third, price strategy. There are major four customer segments in Prezi: Business, Conference, Education and Nonprofit. But it has a discount rate for student and teachers. Consequently, it can attract more poor student who don’t want to pay a penny on website, just like me. Also, it is a good chance to teach students and teachers to use prezi more frequently.



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