OhHeyWorld – Customer Acquisition

Ohheyworld is a social mobile app that markets itself as your social passport. The company starts off by asking you the question: “When you arrive in a new location, you probably e-mail or text your parents or spouse. You post a status update on Facebook. Heck, you may even broadcast your new location via Twitter. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do all that, PLUS track your travel history, with ONE CLICK?”

It appears that the customer acquisition strategy for Ohheyworld is entirely inbound. They use all of the existing social networks of a new user in order to reach more users. The company is very new and is trying to learn about its customer base and grow via their friends in order to reach the largest number of initial customers. They are hoping that someone will sign up and start using the app and then have a large number of friends see them use it and start using it themselves.

I was able to sign up for a beta trial on the Ohheyworld website. Upon signing up an option immediately appeared on the website asking me to share with my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email connections that I had signed up for the service. I also received an email that outlined once more what the benefits were from being a part of the service and that I could really help them out by sharing the sign up link with all my friends. The email also had a link that I could follow in order to see how many of my referrals had also signed up for the service.

The customer acquisition approach of Ohheyworld seems typical of most early stage social apps. Social apps need as many users as possible to be successful and they achieve that by leveraging the existing social networks of their early adopters. Ohheyworld appears to be going this route and time will tell if their product draws enough interest to generate a lot of users.


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