Cellartracker – Retention and Referral

 Cellartracker is a software that allows tracking your wine inventory in the cellar and the ones open currently for drinking. It also allows sharing of wine information with friends and browsing of the contents of their cellars in addition to tasting notes.

Cellartracker is a niche product that has gone mainstream. The database of wines is one of the largest in the world and as of July 2010, CellarTracker has more than 110,000 user entries for 19 million individual bottles, and nearly 1.5 million wine reviews from users.

Cellartracker Users can rate a wine, read about one and buy one. They can also see what critics think about a wine that they are considering. Having a large number of users generate tasting notes for other users to read, helps guide the user in choosing the right wine to drink and buy. CellarTracker relies heavily on the users’ input and willingness to add to the database. Repeat users are more likely to refer their services to other wine lovers and possibly sign on to packages for buying wine. Initial free registration and access to the wine community removes a primary barrier to repeat usage. In terms of search, entering “wine reviews” or searching for a wine by name reveals Cellertracker as one of the top search results.

Users can follow specific CellarTracker users and see who has written the most tasting notes as well as like a wine. This idea of referral is inspired by social media where people can share what they know with the like-minded and not have to worry about other people or what professionals think of their tastes.


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