Customer Retention and Referral – Big Door

Big Door developed and offers businesses the ability to gamify their websites in order to drive increased usage and customer retention.  Ironic, eh?  I’m writing a blog on how Big Door retains customers when their whole business is to help others retain customers.  So how does Big Door do it?  Well, let’s take a look at product offerings, first.


Big Door offers a free option for businesses of ALL sizes. (Really.  All sizes, and they’re quite cheeky about it on their site.)  For organizations who might not be able to write HTML or who would benefit from an outsourced, customized gamifying experience, Big Door offers a for-cost option.  Those costs aren’t listed on the site, but I’m confident it is commensurate with the complexity of the solution as well as the overall manpower involved in delivering that solution.


So with these two options, Big Door has positioned themselves to cater to every business (those willing to pay, and those unwilling to pay) who feel that gamifying their website will lead to greater customer retention and loyalty.


Additionally, Big Door uses case studies (posted clearly on their website) to show larger organizations (those willing to pay for the service) that this has worked in the past for some major corporations.


With SEO and customer retention being buzzwords in marketplace, Big Door is well-poised to capitalize on that focus by offering a fun way for customers to engage businesses.  One might say that the millions of First Generation Atari and Nintendo junkies are an obvious target for this kind of service.  I’m not sure if science can prove that those who played Super Mario Brothers will enjoy a gamified website over a “strictly business” website, but Big Door has developed a service that intrigues enough Fortune 500 companies to make one ask that exact question.  And if Big Door can prove improved customer retention and loyalty through a gamified experience, then word of mouth through the business community should be all that is needed for continued success.


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