Customer Retention – Full Pull Wines

Full Pull Wines is a retail limited liability company that sells premium boutique wines of the world to members of its mailing list. It was founded by Paul Zitarelli, a foster school of business alum, in 2009. The owner and its staff usually taste different kinds of wines around the world and recommend the best wines in different categories to their customers. Currently, Full Pull’s major market is in Washington and the majority of the wines it sells are also produced in Pacific Northwest.

To acquire and retain its customers, Paul frequently post wine tasting blogs, articles and videos and convert the readership into his customers and retain these customers. Currently because of limited marketing budget, Paul mainly use his own network to acquire new customers and mailing list is his main tool to retain customers.

Paul also implemented Thursday Pick-up pricing. Seattle local customers who have ordered their wines could pick up the wines at Full Pull’s warehouse in Seattle instead of paying for shipping fees, which are usually above $20. To those High demand low supply wines, Full Pull first satisfy all the customers with one bottle, then allocate the rest bottles according to customers historic purchase behaviors suck as overall orders, frequency of orders, recency of orders, and list tenure, among other factors.

For customers out of state or those that cannot pick up the wines at the warehouse, Full Pull provides shipping service. Full Pull announced on its website that they do not profit from shipping. Full Pull also provides free storage service for orders less than 12 bottles. Because a shipping case contains 12 bottles, so customers can accumulate orders until the total bottles reach 12 bottles to make the shipping and thus reduce the shipping fee per bottle.

Overall, Full Pull is a very customer satisfaction focused company with huge potential to grow.


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