500px – Retention and Referal

500px is a photo community powered by creative people worldwide that lets members discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photographs. The first version of 500px came to light in the early days of digital photography. At that time, everything was slightly different — the Internet was slower, 3.2 megapixel cameras were the latest buzz, digital photographers were just getting acquainted with their tools, and 500 pixels was a good size for photos displayed on CRT monitors and hence the name 500px


  • Content – 500px encourages photographers to only upload best work while providing options to arrange those shots into a portfolio which can be viewed from any device with a modern browser. Aside from the portfolio stuff, each photo can earn ratings (by people clicking the “like” button) or added to someone’s favorites. The most popular ones can be viewed by accessing the photographers page. Images can be tagged for easier access with international language support for content. By offering such advanced tools to manage and present content 500px is building its customer loyalty.
  • Recommendation Engine – 500px has various tools at the disposal of its customers that enables them to browse through the content relevant to their tastes.There is also an editor’s choice section and a section for the new uploads. These enhancements increase the engagement of their customers on 500px website.
  • Creative Commons  – In order to achieve the vision of a world full of open content, 500px build creative commons infrastructure into their service that allows creative people share their content with fellow creators. Under this setup artists can charge from major firms while allowing fellow users to use the content. This helped 500px to retain many customers as they develop a communal feeling. (Emotive Loyalty)
  • Blog – 500px has a blog that share photography news and techniques for capturing great images. 
  • Customer service – Online customer service not only address customer  issues but also gather their ideas to incorporate into product.

All the above techniques along with their social presence has greatly increased the customer retention for 500px website.


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