Bacon Salt: Retention & Referal


Bacon Salt is, well, just as it sounds- salt that tastes like bacon.  Genius, right?!!  Started in 2007 by two Seattle area “regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons, eating until (they) can’t get off the couch and of course, the taste of great bacon,” founders Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow have created a fun, memorable, and tasty product that captures the taste buds and hearts of their customers.   Through their imaginative and engaging promotions, donations, social channels, and novelty products, Bacon Salt has created a loyal and expanding following of bacon flavor lovers.

The first key to Bacon Salt’s success, aside from tasting like bacon, is that they don’t take themselves too seriously and they’ve branded and marketed with an irresistible lightheartedness.   Even the source of their startup money, a $5,000 prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos, is celebrated as a piece of the company’s values.  All of the humor on their website and various social channels is an additional draw that keeps customers coming back for more.

A huge program that has earned Bacon salt the notoriety, loyalty and referrals of thousands of customers is Operation Bacon Salt.  As a response to an email from a marine based in Iraq, the company sent over a shipment of the product.  The shipment was so well received that they continue to send the product overseas to the military. In return, Bacon Salt is receiving the undying loyalty of customers and fodder for an infectious ad campaign.  The seriously lighthearted patriotism hits the funny bone and tugs on the heart strings, undoubtedly attracting repeat web page viewings, referrals, and most importantly product purchases.

To add further interest to their product and reasons for consumers to stay tuned, Bacon Salt is continually releasing new items and hosting events to create a culture that make consumers feel a part of a community.  Things such as Mmmvelopes (envelopes that taste like bacon), their Kosher certification, the Bacathlon (a bacon themed sport event), and bacon schwag keeps the customers interested, satisfied and spreading the good word.  And, if there is need to contact the company for any other reason that thanks or to purchase more goods, the website makes it easy and clear how to get ahold of them. 


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