your unbiased shopping advisor! is a subscription based comparison provider of electronics, appliances, home and garden commodities. They consider themselves to be unbiased shopping advisor that a patent-pending machine learning and text mining algorithms to analyze billions of price data points on millions of products, blog posts and articles to educate the user to make a well informed buying decision. All of this science culminates into a final score rating from 1 to 100. The higher the score the better value for the purchase. The scores are color coded for the different levels as follows.

Decide Score Decide Statement
90+ We Love It (Dark Green)
80-89 We Like It (Light Green)
50-79 You Can Do Better (Yellow)
Below 50 Don’t Buy It (Red)

I personally have spent many hours researching the purchase of a TV or a high dollar camera manually searching reviews, scrubbing competitors’ websites, waiting for annual sales. does all of this but puts a ton of science into it. They seem to not like the term marketing as you can see on their website multiple times; Science. Not Marketing. does have a free and a paid subscription level. The free account allows you to view the ratings and recommended buys just the same as the paid but without the added benefits of the paid account. The paid account ranges from $2.50 per month for a 12 month commitment to $4.99 per month on a month-to-month account. The added benefits of the paid subscription add value to allow an even more informed decision. There are four distinct added benefits; 77% accurate future price predictions out two weeks out, a pay the difference guarantee to any incorrect pricing promises, release dates for new models, news and updates on new products. has been published in prominent media publications including The New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Forbes. has a very simple and straight forward method of retaining their customers. The biggest reason that a customer could leave is that they lose money on a purchase that recommended. With the paid subscription is willing to pay the difference so that the end user isn’t out any money on their purchase. This eliminates the top reason that a customer could ever want to leave. I have not signed up for the upgraded account so I am not familiar with how they attempt to retain a customer after they have been a paying customer and end up cancelling. I could see this becoming an issue as many of the items that posts are larger ticket items that most individuals cannot afford to continue those shopping habits. To counter act that has a pay by the month option that eliminates the longer term commitments so an individual can sign up to help buy a TV and then cancel once the purchase is done. has firmly integrated their name into multiple forms of media including print, online and social. They have created a specific blog called decide blog that outlines gift ideas, rumors, discusses new technologies and a page dedicated to the best time to buy items. They frequently post to twitter on popular and season relevant topics, the most recent being Valentine’s Day where they recommended and validated their recommendation for their twitter followers to wait until May to purchase their loved ones jewelry. Twitter posts are periodic and span a range of products from the seasonal gift requirements to travel products or just great deals in general. They show 17,606 likes on their Facebook page and boast 5,095 twitter followers.


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