Customer Retention and Referral of ZH designing Co.

The ZH designing Co. is an international trade company that delivery featured products through online and a physical retailing store. Its customers are Northwest businesses who are interested in Chinese decorations and other featured staff. 

The company has two advantages in customer retention: 1) the customized features of the decorations, with lower-than-average price, 2) the guaranteed manufacturers which can provide other small decorations that are not customized with low price. These two advantages are targeted to different customers: those falling in the first type may hold activities of certain themes, or people who expect certain ways of decorating their places. Since the customized products will distinguish the company from competitors and will have higher price, these people are the major customers the company intend to retain. The second type are people who may interest in decorations that have Chinese elements, the low price is the major way to have them stay with the products.

For customer referral: the word-of-mouth is the most effective referral strategy for this kind of business that target to customers that have tight connection in life. For example, the local companies and families that will incorporate Chinese features in the activities their places and the activities they organized. These companies and individuals are made up of people who are interested in Chinese culture or who have Chinese related business or lifestyle. So the word of mouth strategy is very effective among such customers. Also, the online webpage and account are additional ways to approach larger customer pool. 

To sum up, the diversity of the customers and the distinguished features will make the companies different from its competitors. Finally, since American people who are interested in Chinese image are limited, the company may consider transform some of the Chinese elements to meet the need of American customers.




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