Familiar- Customer Retention and Referral


Familiar is an easy, private social picture sharing online service. This Photo Sharing lets you share photos instantly with your friends and family so that they can view them in real-time as soon as you upload them. With the intent to help people everywhere experience photos with those they care about most, Familiar is delivering on its promise. Familiar turns desktop computer, iPads and smart phones into a digital picture frame with a few simple clicks.

Let’s say you have friends and families who are members of Familiar and you have chosen to share photos with them. Whenever you add any photo to your Familiar app and share it, the photo will instantly show up on Familiar app of your friends and families. If you share multiple photos, those photos will show up on Familiar app of your contacts in form of nice slideshow. So, basically they can just leave their device with Familiar app turned on, and watch photos being streamed to it in real-time, as soon as you share them. In addition, they just view the photos shared by your friends without any download and without the need to open the shared photo separately.

Back then, the company was displaying about 20 million photos per month. But that number has soared to some 47 million photos during November. Since launching 12 months ago, a whopping 200 million photos have been displayed via the service. It expects to top 1 billion photos displayed in 2013. Its customer retention and referral are mostly contributed by its unique features. Firstly, to get started with Familiar Photo Sharing app, you need to sign-up with Familiar. After signing-up with your Familiar account, just add the contacts with which you want to share the photos. This need that the people who you want to share photos with must also have a Familiar account. This is an automatic way for customer referral. Since people want to share picture with others, they will refer Familiar to their families, friends, share their experience with Familiar and recommend them to use it. This means one existing customer will bring many potential customers for Familiar.

Secondly, Familiar gains customer retention by checking customers’ feedback, listening in to what they want and adding new value to their product. Based on customer survey and feedback, Familiar focuses on pursuing three characteristics and continuing add new functions in their product to achieve these characteristics. Effortless – With just a few simple clicks, photos can be shared easily with loved ones. Familiar is also compatible with popular photo sharing services: Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and Smug Mug. Safe – Send photos directly to the screens of your family. Photos are delivered privately to their desktop, screensaver, tablet, and smartphone. Portable –The app allows you to pick photos from multiple mediums which include camera, photo library, and photos from other apps, Facebook, Picasa, Smug Mug, and Instagram. Just select the medium from which you want to pick the photos and share them. Also, the app identifies all the photos separately which you have clicked from your own device camera.

Today, the company also announced a new feature that allows users to send wallpaper photos to friends and family.


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