Pathable – Retention and Referral Strategy

Pathable is a networking and scheduling management tool for business conferences. The tool allows conference attendees to create profiles that include their background and interests. After making a profile, they can search to find other conference attendees with similar interests, or they can import Facebook or LinkedIn contacts to find people they already know that are attending the conference. Through the site, attendees can request meetings with other attendees to aid in networking. The software is also a schedule management tool, where attendees can put together their personalized schedule of sessions they wish to attend, and can also form discussions forums around particular session topics before, during and after the conference has concluded. These tools are also visable on the attendee’s mobile device.


Pathable delivers relevant information through their website and Twitter account. They host many webinars that current and potential customers can attend, sometimes offering free admission for a short time as an incentive to sign up. They demonstrate that they know and are listening to the needs of their current or potential customers by also having some free content on their website such as white papers and brochures. Given the number of case studies listed on their website, Pathable seems to encourage its users to share their feedback about their experience with Pathable.


Right on the Pathable home page there is a link titled “Recommend an event to us!” If you click on it, it brings up a form where you can submit names of conferences you wish would use Pathable. Below the form, it reads “The more events you refer, the more chances you have to win!” which gives a current user an incentive to refer to another potential user. In the text to the left of the online form, there is also a comment that if you are looking for a Pathable partner referral or affiliate program you can contact their marketing team, implying that they may partner current users who wish to suggest the service to other conferences.


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