PivotDesk- Retention & Referal

This has created a situation where small business can’t find the flexibility they need when sharing space, potential office guests can’t find a home, and everyone misses out on a chance to improve their work environment. PivotDesk was born out of our desire to solve this problem.This post will talk about Retention and Referal strategy of PivotDesk.

Real Estate service especially for office uses depend on the information in the market side, brokers grasp huge market information than public. To open up a platform for people to share demand and supply is very good idea to attract people especially for the entrepreneur to follow the wed in finding an office space. Basically, the Pivotdesk web provide the same service as other real estate market searching engine provided, which include the marketing pic of the office space, location  map , and market price comparing to the neighborhood. Compare to my experience using other real estate office market searching system, Pivotdesk is pretty easy to use. It has very clear definition in filter, and instruction and explanation, which covered the basic function of this searching system. People who need to share office can find a sharing office space easily from searching here.  Pivotdesk’s Facebook and twitter pages are very easy to read and understand. They posted a balanced graphics and texts, fun story and self-promotion, company-generated material and shared links. They put the updated information once a week and send email to remind you the newest market information if you set up an account of their company. In addition, they have LinkedIn to post their founders and customer’s information to help people connect with each other and build trust between each other. They also has blog for people who would like to share market information and post their need to share the office space. Overall,  I think Pivotdesk does a excellent job in using social media for engaging customers.

In terms of customer support, they set up FAQ in Facebook and also response in twitter and blog. From their Twitter page their responses to customers were very timely and helpful. From their apps, they have a “feedback” email function, and it automatically pops up a feedback survey to have better understanding of the customer experiences. They also gives useful tips to calculate your best efficiency in using your office space, which provide the chance for more people to understand the market from different perspective.

In terms of their referral program, they have the standard social media/email share functionality in its main page, explore page, and in search results. And they put each feedback on their blog to test how many people have the same need or problem and reply them immediately. If they can give customer some discount or gift for users, that would be better.



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