Postcardly Retention and Referral Strategy

Brief Introduction

Postcardly is a website that can turn their customers’ emails into real-life postcards, delivered by U.S.Mail. They also have a Postcardly app, which enables people send postcards right from their Iphone. Their customers can send postcards from their phones, computers, or anywhere they can access email. It is just as easy as sending an email—create a new email with an attached photo the way that people normally send an email, but to Postcardly. The photo will be on the front of the postcard, and the words will go on the back.

When people join Postcardly, they will set up a Postcardly address book. The address book will include the physical mailing address and a special Postcardly email address for anyone they want to send a postcard to. For those who sign up for first time, they can get free trial for three postcards. People won’t be charged anything until they send the fourth postcard. When they send their fourth postcard, they will be charged based on the Postcardly plan they selected when they signed up.

So sending a postcard could be very easy and personalized via Postcardly with a small amount of bucks.

The Chart of the Plan



The Retention and Referral Strategy

When I accessed the Postcardly website for my first time, I was very excited about this idea. And immediately sign up for the free trial. However, after entering my email address and setting up the passwords. It came up with the chart showed above. I had to choose at least one plan. Consequently, as a customer who is not willing to subscribe to any websites, I had to close this website unhappily. So, from my point of views, this is not a very good customers retention or even customers acquisition strategy. It should include the plan of paying each time, because most of the customers do not need sending postcards every month, and their interests is not always lasting.

But they do have a good strategy for referral. Customers can get free postcards for every friend who joins. “If you signed up with a monthly plan, you’ll get a free month for every friend. If you signed up for 20 postcards prepaid, you’ll get five free cards added to your account for every friend. Get enough friends to sign up, and you’ll never have to pay for Postcardly again!” 


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