Zipline Games: Retention & Referral

Zipline Games is a new startup based out of Seattle that has recently made waves in the mobile gaming community. In 2012, Zipline received the silver medal in the Tech Impact Awards hosted by Seattle Business Magazine as well as winning Startup of the Year at the Seattle 2.0 awards. Zipline is known for creating games such as Wolf Toss, Slots Tycoon, and Chronosaur that can be downloaded and played on iOS and Android devices. Customers who have played the games have stated that they are “too much fun!”, “BoMB!! BOOOOOOMB!!!!! It’s fun :-)”, and “Wicked game. Angry Birds has a new challenge. ;-)”.

Zipline executes their retention and referral very well. Zipline’s main priority is addressing its customers’ concerns. It does this in two ways. For one, it has a support page where users can look up frequently asked questions and post questions of their own. What makes this page special is that it has a “I Suggest You…” section, where users can make a suggestion to the developers and other users can vote on those suggestions. This allows the most popular suggestions to rise to the top and get addressed accordingly. The second way Zipline addresses its customers’ concerns is through its social media pages. Looking at Zipline’s Facebook page, the posts are a mix between users commenting on how fun the games are and particular issues they are having. In all of the game issues posts, Zipline does a great job at responding to the users and directing them to contact their support teams. They seem to do a great job on placing the customer’s experience at the top of their priorities. To go along with addressing the concerns of the users, Zipline also hosts a blog on its webpage that keeps their users interested in the company’s development and gaming updates. Zipline has also run contests where users can win game coins by submitting fan photos or sharing their posts on Facebook.




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