Customer Retention and Referral-Postcardly

I was so interested in Postcardly when I first heard of it on the class of last week. Because I was always disappointed about the postcards sold at places of interest for their boring and fakeness and look nothing of my own. I couldn’t wait signing up for Postcardly right after class.


I had an overview of how this website works. And then the website led me into my account page, with three different choices: pay 99 cents per card whenever you want to send one; 19.99 dollars for 20 cards within a year; 4.99 dollars for 5 cards within a month. All these options come with 3 free postcards for just a “Thanks” for your signing up.


With the process of knowing the philosophy of Postcardly, they have achieved the awareness of potential customers. Creating personal account page will achieve the acquisition of services. Then 3 free postcards would never be rejected by any customers interested in this website. Then the satisfaction leads to conversing to paid service. Since paying monthly or yearly is much cheaper than paying per card, customers will be more likely to pay per month or per year. Then Postcardly successfully achieved their customer retention. Also, Postcardly can be used by multi-users with one account, which is very convenient for customers, but also good for customer referral. Another ways for customer referral are sharing experiences on social media website.


Personally, I really like this website. Sending postcard is one thing I will definitely do when travelling. Taking your own pictures as postcards is an amazing idea about sharing experience and happiness on your trip. And the retention and referral strategy of Postcardly is also successful, at least they have got me.


Xin Liu


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