Staging and Design Networks – Customer retention and referral

Staging and Design Network (SDN) is the first online member-network designed to serve the Home Staging Industry by pooling, marketing, and managing quality home furnishing resources. SDN provides interior design products and services to the public & trade through their Wholesale Buying & Design Center, Online Store, Shared Rental Pool and Resale Gallery. This is essentially selling new and used furnishings for individuals or staging companies and furnishing rentals for preparing a home to be staged and ready to sell. Memberships offer a range of features for stagers, designers, builders, realtors, and the general public but the most notable services are a Rental Pool for renting inventory & generating additional revenue and a Professional Service Directory. The company is built on the fact that staged houses sell three times better than un-staged houses, however realtors and staging companies face the problem of managing inventory. With SDN, they can outsource the management of inventory, rent furnishing and gain income from renting their inventory to others. The Staging Market is over $2 billion  (SDN hope to achieve 3% market share) and the home furnishing market overall is $80 billion.

 Their customer retention and referral strategy is quite simple and straight forward. They believe in continuously providing their members with more value for their membership. They follow a freemium model for their pricing strategy. They are focusing on a social network strategy in order to retain their current customers and at the same time use this as a platform for referrals and building new customers. Currently they are very heavily focused on LinkedIn where they have about 1065 members. The LinkedIn group engages members in discussions on advantages of staging, difficulties professional stagers and other individuals are facing etc. They also try to keep the relation with the customers personal by inviting them to view their warehouse facilities. They also have a presence on Facebook, Pinterest and youtube.

 Abhilash Polassery


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