BigOven – Retention and Referral

BigOven, created by Steve Murch, is a mobile and tablet leader with over 8 million downloads of their recipe, grocery list, and menu planning apps. Steve’s fundamental belief that Americans don’t make at-home family meals a priority was the primary reason he created the start-up. “Meals are about sharing. They should be savored. I think we’d all benefit by slowing down a bit, and focusing more on the nightly family dinner. Life is too short, and the many lasting benefits of all-family regular meals are well-documented.”

With busy lifestyles, Steve wanted to create an easy, useful resource to aid in all aspects of creating a great family meal. BigOven is all about solving this “what should we make tonight?” problem, in a personalized way, for their customers. It’s a place for the customer to go to get ideas for dinner. It’s a social network that makes you a better cook. Steve believes the daily chore of deciding what to cook each night, getting the household grocery list assembled, visiting the store, making it, plating it, and sharing your successes and tips with others can be made easier, and more fun, with great people and great software.

Retention and referral: The website states that “On, you get a lot of stuff for free”. Recently BigOven started offering its Grocery List and Menu Planner services for free; services that had once been part of the $20 annual premium subscription plan. These additional free services have enticed more people to join and allow BigOven to reach a much wider base of home cooks. To help improve the referral aspect of the business, the company is now rolling out Facebook integration, allowing cooks to view the recipes added and favorite by Facebook friends.


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