Simple & Crisp-The Perfect Pairing


Have you ever had a craving for low calorie and tasty snacks during your diet? Have you ever had a hard time coming up with a unique appetizer for your gatherings or parties? Have you ever experienced headaches when trying to find an aesthetic and delicious gift for your foodie friends? Seattle based startup Simple & Crisp offers a good solution for all these problems with its organic, gluten-free dried fruit chips. Served as gourmet serving vessel and cracker alternative, Simple & Crisp chips currently have three flavors for daily offering: orange, apple and pear, with blood orange coming soon. The chips can be paired perfectly with a variety of items such as cheese, chocolate, champagne, wine, etc., from savory to sweet, traditional to innovative. Each of the three flavors has different recommended pairing options, and customers are encouraged to try new pairing ideas as well.

Founder and “Chief Pairing Purveyor” Jane Yuan formed Simple & Crispy with a mission to provide healthier options to entertain guests, as well as satisfy different dietary needs. As Jane mentioned during the interview, her business philosophy was to “start high, rather than start low and go high”, thus Simple & Crisp is committed to high quality, and targeted to a high-end market. Simple & Crisp is positioned as an organic, gluten-free, low calorie cracker alternative for social, yet health conscious entertainers.

As a premium food product, Simple & Crisp pays special attention on presentation and aesthetics. Jane worked with a professional packaging firm to develop the brand and design the package, and they came up with a solution that matches the natural beauty of the fruit and also demands attention on the shelf. After the prototype was made, Jane had a focus group with MBA students and asked their willingness to pay for this product, which is a really effective and sensible strategy to price her product.

Simple & Crisp has maximized the effort on public relation of its brand and products. Jane mentioned that it was important to know why customers want this product, how does this product make their life better, create a story around these topics, and deliver the messages. A good story can make others take the messages even further. Moreover, Simple & Crisp has made effective use of social network and media. Simple & Crisp has presence in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and it is easy to access these channels through their website. Simple & Crisp has featured in 425 magazines, Gluten-free Living, and more. In addition, since Simple & Crisp is widely used in social events, such as birthday parties, dinner parties, barbeque, holiday soiree or weekly gathering, it is easy to attract potential customers from these settings.

Currently, Simple & Crisp is carried in northwestern region Wholefoods Market, Dean&Deluca, and other premium food stores, such as local cheese stores, wine stores, etc. It is expanding nationwide and even has offerings from international market.


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