Gas Powered Pressure Release

Gas Powered Games (GPG) wants you to know what’s going on.  That’s why they have their latest press releases right on their home page.  As the image indicates, GPG obviously thinks the most important thing the user can see when landing on their page is their latest news.


Their latest, and most important post indicates their recent acquisition by Wargaming.  Unfortunately, the post only has a few quotes from the Wargaming and GPG CEO and lacks any details or interesting content.  A internet search turned up a PC Gaming article about the purchase which is far more interesting.  I’d wager that the content for this article is directly pulled from the Wargaming site and not GPG.  

The second to last site press release on GPG is regarding their latest project, a game called Wildman.  Again, this post is limited and provides little to no information beyond stating they are working on the game.  Another internet search indicates that the development of this game has long since been cancelled.  

It appears that GPG really has a PR problem.  Their releases are not current, not interesting, and incorrect.  I’d wager that one challenge Wargaming will quickly undertake is how to manage GPG’s press releases.  


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