Mixpo-A Smart Video Publisher marketing

Mixpo, Inc. was founded in 2007, and is a cloud-based video marketing company. It helps the companies build cross-screen video ad products. At the same time, Mixpo also delivers the video engagement reports to its customers to make sure they get good use of those video advertising. It has the offices in multi-cities including Seattle, New York, Boston and Victoria BC.


The company is targeting the media companies who have the need of video publishing services. Those companies want their video to be published in various channels on behalf their clients or themselves. Mixpo has four customer segments when it just started and Mixpo is now pivoting its services to fill the needs of two other new market segments. Because of the prosperous entrepreneurship environment and high technical business atmosphere in Seattle, Mixpo is able to embrace a great variety of business customers from small startups to big giant companies.

Compared with other companies, Mixpo acquires his customers differently. Mixpo formed very strong partnership with other companies. They called their partners, the “sell-through” partners.  Normally, those partners are well-established and already have a stable customer base. Through those business partners, Mixpo is able to get a larger customer pool of potential customers. By doing this, Mixpo also successfully established a very good business ecosystem with their customers and their partners.

In terms of the customer retention strategy, Mixpo has a very strong and active customer & operation team. The team is very actively maintaining good relationship with the customers in services providing and after-purchase services. Once the project has some problems, the team will soon assign someone to solve the problem immediately. The team conducts customer survey regularly. It turned out that their customer satisfaction has been long maintained as 8 out of 10, which is really impressive.

In terms of the referral strategy, since most of Mixpo’s customers are the big companies, Mixpo doesn’t have a referral incentives system. Mixpo gets its referrals mostly by the goodwill. Once their clients are satisfied with their customers, most likely they will refer Mixpo to other companies as well. In addition, the networking also plays a big role in the referral strategy. Most of the managers from Mixpo are from big companies, like Microsoft.

As mentioned earlier, I think Mixpo especially did a great job in partnering with other companies for the customer acquisition. Rather than confining itself to the current network, Mixpo is exposed to a larger audience by partnering and business relationship can be easily established by the intermediary.  Mixpo is actively creating and expanding the network by itself, which is very important in the current entrepreneurship environment. 


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