Outcome Concept Systems

Outcome Concept Systems (OCS) is a company that provides solutions for home care and hospice services as well as healthcare analytics. It provides a service for home health and hospice organizations to determine ways to improve performance, increase patient satisfaction, optimize the use of resources, and benchmark performance. The goal is to improve the decision making of the organization through analysis of data. OCS also provides healthcare analytics to assess new market opportunities in healthcare, understand potential partners for mergers or acquisitions, and review your own financials. The company is targeting healthcare providers in the home care and hospice space.

OCS has done a good job of becoming a leader in the field, using their credibility after 20 years of work to acquire and retain customers. The company achieves good visibility by putting out a HomeCare Elite List each year that highlights the 25 most successful home care providers in the country. The company also puts out a list of the top 100 and 500 providers. If you wish to see how your organization compares to those on the HomeCare Elite list, you can request a report. In this way, organizations can see the benefit of using the OCS technology to assess their business and glimpse how the OCS metrics work. OCS also appears at conferences, publishes white papers, and hosts webinars on topics that are useful to home care or hospice organizations. By maintaining leadership in the field, OCS retains customers who use their service.


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