Postcardly Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the founders of Postcardly, the Seattle based internet start-up that allows you to send physical postcards via email or mobile application from anywhere in the world.  Paul Hughes and Tom Marshall began working on Postcardly in 2009 and officially launched the product in 2011.

I really enjoyed meeting Tom and Paul. They were extremely friendly and eager to talk about their business. They immediately offered to have me try out their mobile app and I sent a postcard to my parents. My parents were impressed by the card they received and the idea of the service. After having the opportunity to try out their service I began to ask them about the marketing strategyof their business. The company started with the hope of providing real tangible moments to friends and family in the form of a postcard. The market for this service could involve parents of small children that want to send cards to their friends and family as well as baby boomers looking to stay in touch with their children or friends with something tangible that could mean more than just an email photo. The value to the customer is definitely the feeling that they are going above and beyond the traditional electronic photo to send their memories to their friends and family.

Postcardly has successfully been able to acquire and retain their customers by providing a high quality service. The company undertook extensive testing with their product to make sure that their photos could make it through the mail system and look and feel like a normal postcard, they even include an actual stamp. This personal touch and the large, high quality picture that is placed on the postcard definitely gives Postcardly a competitive advantage.  Another thing that Postcardly did well was to lead an effective Public Relations campaign. They have been featured in both Geekwire and C Net and that has helped solidify their initial customer base.

Postcardly is an innovative company that solves a very difficult problem of reaching friends and family in a very meaningful way. In this busy world where no one has time to send mail anymore, the special touch of receiving a postcard from your friends and family can go a long way. Paul and Tom and their team are passionate about this mission and have created a great product. Visit their website at and give it a try!


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