Rooster Park – Scott Ruthfield

Rooster Park is a local start up providing premium contractor and recruiting services. The target segment is focused on engineering – developers, program managers, testers, and designers from some of Seattle’s best companies. These engineers come from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Expedia, Marchex, Medio,, Expeditors International, and others, plus an occasional post-college superstar. They also have a small business unit on customer software development.

Rooster Park has two types of consumers. Of course they have companies who contact them looking for consulting help with finding the right team member for an open position, but also they have a database of available potential employees where consultants and recruiters can search for the right candidate. But more specifically they are focused on engineering. So whether you are a manager looking to hire one employee, or a team, or if you looking for work, you can go to their website to contact a representative from their team. For those who are hiring the website is great to see testimonials from previous companies, big and small. And for those who are looking for employment, you can search their website for available positions or find positions available on LinkedIn and

Scott Ruthfield who founded the company five years ago says that they acquire their customers through referrals. They take pride in the emotional investments they make with their clients which is why it’s been successful with limited out bound advertising. According to Scott, everything is inbound. Rooster Park believes in the slow development of a relationship and that it’s not about making a quick sell. One of their competitive advantages is not making the company look desperate to find a client.

The main marketing tactic is in bound advertising and for being in business for five plus years; I believe that this is working well. It is apparent that the word of mouth advertising that Rooster Park receives is due to their attention detail and the attention they give to their clients. I very much think the testimonials mentioned on the webpage along with who said it from which company is important. This shows how Rooster Park was able to deliver results in a variety of settings and for a variety of companies.

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