9Slides Company Profile

9Slides is an innovative software for creating presentations and slideshows. What’s innovative about the tool is that the 9 Slides online application allows you to upload your presentation along with a video and then synchronize them together so that the slides automatically advance when the time is right. The video and slides can be played side by side in the same window. If they prefer, users can also do voice overs instead of videos. With 9Slides you can make interesting and interactive presentations that can more effectively capture your audience.

The original market that 9Slides was targeting was the entire consumer presentation market, a 50 billion dollar industry. However as the company made progress it found that Enterprises were more interested in the product and were also capable of paying more. Sales and training divisions at big enterprises are the biggest customers today and the primary use is as a tool for educating employees. Recently 9Slides is also filling in a gap in serving presentations in cross platform environments and recently came up with an app for the Apple IPad.

To acquire customers 9Slides heavily promotes its product at Startup Weekends in the Seattle area. It has also partnered with the Microsoft BizSpark program to give the product away for free to entrepreneurs. This has given them product exposure and access to more than 50,000 people. 9Slides also gives away free coupons to students and teachers to try out the paid value added services. The registration process of 9Slides has given the company access to over 100,000 email addresses. The company is investing heavily into email marketing and up-converting the non-paying members into paid members through trial memberships. Recently 9Slides created an app for the IPad as an opportunity to go after a particular segment of customers that prefer the simplicity and ease of use of a touch based experience.

From a marketing perspective, the company has done an outstanding effort at creating meaningful partnerships with local Seattle organizations. This has helped its product gain momentum and also resulted in free marketing.


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