Context China marketing implications

About Context China

Context China (太平洋中国通) is a web-based company that provides a number of cross-border, cross-cultural services for local Northwest and domestic Chinese companies. It intends to help Pacific Northwest companies trying to expand to China, or a Chinese company interested in locating in the Pacific Northwest. The types of services basically include:

l  In-depth Market Research regarding the business opportunities and network

l  Consulting Services from website design and development to project management to corporate content creation.

l  Producing and Translating Corporate Materials: localization and “culturalization” of the corporate materials.

l  Hosting and Event Management

l  Service on both local US-domestic social networks as well as access the China-based social networks.

Target Customers

  1. Pacific businesses who have interest in going to China market, for this segment, Context China will guide the customers to understand China and track its up-to-the minute developments in key industries. Weekly or quarterly reports summarize trends and provide actionable information in convenient formats.
  2. Chinese companies, guiding them expand abroad to the Pacific Northwest market.

Customer acquisition and retention

Customer acquisition: Basically, Kristi, one of the two co-founders and who was interviewed, and her co-founder have tried all the earned media to approach the customers. They are also sending newsletter to all the people that in their China-related network and those who have taken part in their early age activities. The result turn out that the newsletter and the established network together helped. Once when they held a discussion in a cafe about where their business was heading, one attendant who came with one of Kristi’s friends ask if Kristi and her team would like give him some consulting services of the Seattle market, because his daughter went to school in Seattle, he liked Seattle and would like to invest money in this market. He then hired Kristi to do market research on local Chinese catering industry and international trade industry. 

The Context China will send newsletter of interesting events they hold to the website users and previous customers to keep them updated, as a way to retain the customers. Also, the up-to-the minute news about developments in key industries of China, especially the e-commerce and other new industries provide useful information, on a single platform with convenient format, for the segment of Pacific Northwest business about what they need to refresh themselves about going to the China market.

Recommended marketing tactic

The most highlight marketing tactic might be that the co-founders start with the market which they felt most confident to approach. As a journalist in Seattle Times for over ten years and also the assistant president of CIWA, Kristi chose to advertise her business around the organizations and people she knew from her past jobs and finally got the first customer indirectly from people within this network. This is not unique but often works well in finding the first customer.




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