DealAngel – “Analytics Don’t Lie, and Neither Does an Angel”

DealAngel is a website that launched in April 2012 to help travelers find which hotels are offering the best value across the market. The founders of DealAngel, Bob Rogers and Roman Peskin, both have extensive experience in travel and specifically in the hotel industry. DealAngel analyzes historical hotel pricing to determine the fair market value of each hotel.  This fair market value is then compared to the hotels current listed price and given a “DealRank”, ranging from “great” deal all the way to “Rip Off”.

Deal Angel targets travelers who are familiar with the travel market and not the occasional travelers. These travelers are familiar with existing travel sites and have used them many times  to try and obtain deals on hotel purchases.  Other sites have allowed these travelers to compare prices, but not value of the price/deal being provided. These travelers are interested in booking high quality hotels for good “deals”, and not just cheap hotels. DealAngel is the one site that allows travelers to determine the true value of their hotel purchases.

DealAngel acquired their first customers through leveraging the positive press that they received from a TechCrunch article written about their recent launch.  Their business continues to gain visibility and attract new customers through articles that are published in large publications such as USA today, TIME, Venture Beat, and others. It is hard to get exposure in the travel industry because so many companies are out there, and these articles are a great way for them to gain exposure.  The company has gained additional press and visibility through the addition of new features.  One of these new features is their recently launched API, which allows other websites to use their pricing analytics and other features.  The API is currently in use through another website, gogobot.  The release of their API was announced on TechCrunch, and at an industry conference called Phocuswright.  DealAngel does a great job of focusing on providing a great user experience and value to their customers. As DealAngel continues to grow they plan to look at ways that to provide incentives for their customers to continue to use their great product and to share this product with friends and family.  As an avid traveler, I look forward to using DealAngel in my future travels.


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