Helium: retention and referral

Helium, a drop-in shopping cart service for websites developed by Freshplum, is geared towards allowing individuals to sell essentially anything with minimal effort in an attempt to bring the decision-making power of data-science to companies or individuals that sell goods and services electronically.

As consumers, we are expecting companies to be listening. We are expecting them to put us at the forefront of their business and most aren’t – either by being ready for it or don’t have the philosophy for it. This is a sharp contrast to how business used to be done, and to some extent still is today. Historically, if you were the producer of a small product, you would sell your item through a third party big. If the customer was unhappy with that obtained product they would go back to the store from which it was purchased to either make a complaint or return it. All feedback related to the product was lost unto the third party distributor. Properly addressing the needs of the customers and adapting to their desires is a marketing function and a lot of companies have yet to realize that and start investing that way.

Provided this background information, Helium approaches potential clients with the selling point that there are many media channels competing against each other in the current market, and that some of these channels can completely cancel each other out. It has become overwhelming for both clients and business to gauge each others level of interest or inform each other of new developments accordingly. As a business, it is extremely powerful to have a direct line to the customer, one that establishes a brand and identity. This channel aligns the interests and desires of the company to the client directly, while at a minimal cost and with the least amount of interference. This has been Helium’s initial selling point, which led to self-propagation and user referrals and testimonies to other users. Referral is also done through inbound marketing, where customers of customers can download and use the mod as they find it.

Helium has also built a bit of a web presence that can be used by users searching for a shopping cart platform for their business. Its web presence can also be used to reach out to users and show them how to use more of the inherent features, or use the features more effectively. Helium has also set itself up to retain customers effectively with easy navigation and features. The functionality can also be easily altered for customization, which is ultimately a desire of business owners everywhere.


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