How does NanoString measure up

What is a good gauge of the effectiveness of a startup’s PR and community management? Well I turned to a great article on to get some more answers. This post is my comparison of how Nano String compares to the suggestions in Shalendra Chhabra’s February 20th article (Demystifying startup marketing: A few tips on how to tell your story).

1. Your product should invoke a “wow factor”

I think Nano String hits this one really well.  The name Nano String is functionally effective because it tells the consumer that they deal with really small things and how to tie them together.

2. Build inherent virality within your product.

This product doesn’t directly support this point because it is very specialized. I think NanoString could try to build an animation of their product that could build buzz of what is possible, but in general they do not have a product that is going to have people sending their facebook friends to “check it out.” It is just the nature of the market and the product.

3. Utilize SEO

NanoString has focused on the words “Nano String.” When this is typed into google the company comes up number 1.  However if you type in “molecular diagnostics” NanoString doesn’t show up in the first 10 pages of a google search. People might have trouble finding NanoString unless they are looking for it. I get the feeling that anyone who needs molecular diagnostics will already know about NanoString, but this is one area they could improve on a little bit.

The PR page is well maintained with at least a few press releases in the last few months and sufficient media coverage over the last few years.

NanoString serves a niche market but in general I believe they are doing a good job reaching out and making their presence known.


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