KISSMetrics is an online resource/solution that provides companies with more data about their businesses & markets. “Optimize your business and get more customers – Identify, understand & improve the metrics that drive your online business.” Unlike Google Analytics which tells you what happened, KISSMetrics tells you more than what happened as well was who and why. This service is providing you with more information to understand each or your customers and their behaviors before & after they signed up for a company’s service. KISSMetrics is working to be more of that one-stop-shop so that you don’t have to use different vanity metrics like Page Views, Bounce Rate, and Time on Site.

All over the website they are encouraging people to “get started now” and sign up for a free 2-week trial. I think they have an advantage by advertising this trial in a way where users don’t have to give a credit card to sign up.

The have a blog on their website that allows easy use to subscribe to the blog and to sort through past posts (providing categories to click on: Advertising, Blogging, SEO, Testing, Brandying, Marketing, etc.)
Also, they are also on Twitter along with accounts for both Neil Patel & Hiten Shah who created KISSMetrics with Neil. Moreover, there is a Facebook account too.

They are also on CrunchBase where it is stated that “KISSMetrics has received attention from Techcrunch, Forbes, Mashable, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic and is regularly names as one of the top analytics solutions on the market.”

In some PR research, KISSMetrics hasn’t had all happy stories about them. In back in August 2011, KISSMetrics had some negative PR about “using sneaky techniques to track web users who visit some of the biggest sites on the net.” This came about because Hulu and Spotify pulled out from using the services and this event resulted in a federal lawsuit for violating federal privacy laws. With this issue and attention it appears that one thing was said to by KISSMetrics but shortly after this all became public KISSMetrics updated their website’s “How it works” section and the privacy statement and these updates were not parallel with what was said to Unfortunately, the article also says that the company did not update any of these issues or changes on their twitter account and when Hiten Shah was contacted, he said things would be mentioned, though published that these changes were not noted quick enough on twitter.

In a Forbes article about Neil Patel and KISSMetrics, I think Neil has done a good job at explaining who he is, what he is passionate about and how he has turned a business into something due to his passion. This article, that was recently written in January 2013, tells us what KISSMetrics does, how it improves the results given and what they do better than their competitors. This article gives a great outline of the company and also highlights Neil’s accomplishments, which in my opinion makes me impressed with who he is and makes me more interested in wanting to determine I should be a customer of theirs.


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