Mom Corp Seattle Company Profile

Company Profile

Mom Corps Seattle is a local franchise of Mom Corps.  The owner Jamie Flynn (see our in depth interview below) has been running the franchise now for three years.  The company focuses on staffing qualified professionals with full time, part time, and contract jobs.  The business is twofold; primarily, they need to attract a pool of qualified job seekers, second they need to let businesses in need of talented employees know that Mom Corp has these seekers. 

What separates Mom Corps from traditional staffing companies is their focus on women and flexibility.  The local owner Jamie is herself a mother and is also a lawyer.  She recognized that there are plenty of professional women (and men) out there who also take care of children and don’t have the time for a regular day to day job.  She also recognized that companies have needs to fill positions that are not necessarily full time or office jobs.  Say its tax season, for instance.  There are tons of talented CPAs who don’t have fulltime gigs.  Mom Corps may post temporary positions from companies like H&R Block who need auditors for a few months a year.  The work can be done at home and there is no long term commitment.  The CPAs get a few dollars and the satisfaction of working, the company gets the work done, and Mom Corp handles all the logistics like filling the position, paying the worker, and filing paperwork.  This strategy saves everyone time and money.

Once a candidate has been used they are not removed from the Mom Corp database.  When the worker is available again Mom Corps knows and is able to restaff them.  In this way Mom Corp holds on to valuable clients.  Mom Corps attracts and keeps their corporate clientele by providing skilled professional laborers whom are available and flexible.  This strategy has led to an over 80% of client companies saying they would use Mom Corps again.  The strategy makes perfect sense when you look at the alternative.  If say Mom Corp filled a qualified attorney in a technical roll both the attorney and company would be dissatisfied.  This would lead to a loss of a qualified applicant and the loss of a company with positions, both hit Mom Corp hard on the bottom line.  The only way for Mom Corp to survive is to do what it does well.

Mom Corps Seattle uses social media especially well to communicate with their candidates.  When someone signs up with Mom Corp and puts their resume in the database it is read and confirmed, they are also sent an invitation to connect with Mom Corp on Facebook.  Once the candidate is proven qualified they are matched with open positions.  Sometimes this can be a tough job and giving the candidates an opportunity to self-select saves a step.  By posting jobs of Facebook Mom Corp can directly address the candidate pool and find who is interested.  Then, someone in the company can go over the resume and assure they are qualified.  This sure beats searching the database.  The strategy also attracts new talent and Facebook users.  Once the word gets out that the company is posting jobs on Facebook people flock to the site and “like” the company in order to get these important notifications.  In this way Mom Corp can message their candidates, build awareness, and continue to attract top talent.

D. Charlie Northrop


Charlie Northrop is a bona fide expert and handsome devil.  He regularly contributes to the Marketing 555 blog.


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