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Pathable is a local software company. It delivers their service to optimize the social network events and private meeting scheduling, especially for business conferences and settings. Pathable helps transform the event website into a thriving community, enable attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to meet, converse, share ideas and schedule private meetings.

Typically, Organizers could establish the event community with their own brand, logo, look and URL in Pathable’s platform. automatically imports and invites attendees from RegOnline, Cvent or in-house ticketing system, which helps increase attendance and revenue with networking tools. Attendees find people with common interests before the event, choose session and schedule private meetings in their own Pathable community and export your calendar to Outlook, iCal or view on the mobile device. They can also find out which people you know from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn who are attending. Attendees can even book a meeting by sending broadcast message to their client within the community. Exhibitors could virtualize tradeshow booths for their year-round exposure and interaction. Organizers would be able to sell multiple sponsorship opportunities within the interface. Speakers can upload their own session handouts and slide decks for easy attendee retrieval. Public social network, like Facebook is inappropriate for business settings and Pathable indicates the highest engagement level in the industry.

Targeted Customer

Pathable would target events hosts as their potential customers. The hosts would care more about the effectiveness and sustainability of the event. They would like to pay for an effective community to facilitate the event.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Pathable embedded their great network idea in their targeted group-events organizers. The following implications indicate the customer strategy

McClure’s Metrics

l   Awareness:

Pathable has an intuitive landing page and a blog with frequent update by co-founder and CEO, Jordan Schwarts. The content is interesting, ranging from social media plan making to conference engagement with mobile device. The blog campaign is charming but not win more comments as inbound traffic. It also has official Twitter (@pathable) with 1,280 followers and 476 tweets, LinkedIn account with 88 followers. While, it makes few voice in Facebook. It is starting to promote their service through SEO and online presence. I searched “Pathable” in Google and YouTube, found that the company is highlighted in the startups with a product tour video and other three presentation videos including CEO’s pitch in PlannerTech DC 2011. When I searched “social network software”, Google only presented some competitors. Pathable does not provide sponsorship to increase their outbound traffic. So I noticed that Pathable’s outbound campaign has been started but much more efforts would be dedicated. 

l   Activation

If you land on their home page, you could find their “tour” video highlighted. The video promotion is appealing and helpful for common people to follow their business model and compelling to some suspending customers. It makes comparison between Pathable, Facebook and LinkedIn and figures out its more efficient engagement with event attendees within Pathable community. It is promising but needs more statistical support. I clicked the “get started” button, and fill out the basic information. After the submission, I got a personal email back from their Event Communities Director but not automatic informative response. The activation process is easy.

l   Retention

After the account activation, I am inquired with specific networking needs information and they would also like to have a brief discussion. Then I tried to discuss in their online chatting board with Jordan Schwartz, the CEO, who took charge of this stuff. He was highly engaged even when I told him that I was not a potential customer who would pay $1,000 for their event service. From here, their inbound engagement is working well with inbound customer retention.

l   Referral

The tour video and other online campaign through their blogs, twitter and LinkedIn could help refer to more customers. When I clicked ”Resource” on the landing page, I see “Webinars” category in this page. This informative activity portfolio needs registration and allows more people involved in Pathable’s realistic community. It would benefit from “word of mouth” if the Webinars work well and other people could be referred to.

Marketing Tactic

The most effective marketing tactic Pathable is conducting is the tour video on the website. The intuitive video conveys quite a lot of information about the value proposition, customer segmentation, distribution channels and vision & goals. This video contains a lot of comparable data with similar social network software. It would be helpful to educate common people with a brand new idea to extend your engagement in the event and network successfully.



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