Profile for Postcardly


What is Postcardly?

Postcardly is a magician that can turn their customers’ emails into real-life postcards, delivered by U.S.Mail. They also have a Postcardly app, which enables people send postcards right from their Iphone. Their customers can send postcards from their phones, computers, or anywhere they can access email. It is just as easy as sending an email—create a new email with an attached photo the way that people normally send an email, but to Postcardly. If you are Smartphone user, you can download the Postcardly App which barely needs several simple steps to send your postcard. The photo will be on the front of the postcard, and the words will go on the back.

When people join Postcardly, they will set up a Postcardly address book. The address book will include the physical mailing address and a special Postcardly email address for anyone they want to send a postcard to. For those who sign up for first time, they can get free trial for three postcards. People won’t be charged anything until they send the fourth postcard. When they send their fourth postcard, they will be charged based on the Postcardly plan they selected when they signed up.

 Who are the targets of Postcardly?

The busy people who love to share their photos, connect with their friends and relatives with postcard. The original market opportunity for them is the young busy parents. Postcardly serves as one of the most convenient and sweetest way for those parents to share their joy of having new-born baby. Besides the young busy parents, the non-tech navy parents are also their targeted customers. They might much more dependent on Postcardly. Once they knew about Postcardly, they could be the big fans.

How Postcardly acquires and keeps their customers?

  •  Words of mouth. They inspire their customers to spread the word about Postcardly by providing them with free postcards. The referrers can get free postcards for every friend who joins.
  • Social media. They have their own Facebook page and Twitter account. They are trying best to keep their posts on the social media infrequently but with high quality, so that people won’t hide them.
  • Press. They pay attention to the story telling by public press. To date, they have had their media kit which includes 13 press reports or induction about Postcardly.
  • Google research engine. Thanks to their skilled web site designers, when search “send postcard” on Google, Postcardly will appear on the first top.
  • Customer services. They provide customer services as well as they could. They value the suggestions from their customers and always listen to them.

Their especially well marketing tactic

It is fantastic that Postcardly will appear on the first top when search “send postcard” on Google engine. Their skilled web site designers spend much time on web site designing and key words weighing and considering. This tactic is high valued. Others need to pay a sum of money to Google if they want to be on the top.


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