Red Lotus Technology – Redefining Demining

Red Lotus technology is a company that creates technology aimed at improving the land mine detection process.   Explosives left over from wars still harm people every year and make vast areas of land unusable.   Currently, the majority of land mine detection for removal is done using hand held advanced metal detector devices.   The problem is that these devices cannot accurately differentiate a land mine from another metal object buried beneath the ground.  Therefore, time and energy is wasted detecting un-harmful metal items such as wires.   The Red Lotus technology connects to metal detection devices and helps to create a “x-ray like” outline of the metal object underground.  This helps increase both efficiency and safety in land mine detection. 

Red Lotus is composed of two founders Lahiru Jayatilaka who is the technology engineer and Robin Rosenberg who  is in charge of customer outreach and organizational growth.  Robin’s background is in the international development and non-profit sector while Lahiru’s background is in computer science. 

Red Lotus currently targets three major markets: Non Profits, private contract companies doing land mine removal work and the United States Department of Defense (DOD).   They have found  the non-profit sector to be the most approachable and receptive to the concept of the technology.  However, they have recently gained traction with the DOD and have been working on field testing the Red Lotus technology with them.

For methods of customer acquisition, Red Lotus has relied heavily on relationship building.  The product they are marketing is a major purchase item for very specific customers.   They therefore, must be very knowledgeable about the entire land-mine detection industry and be able to get in front of key decision makers.  They have done this by finding influential champions for their product.  Lahiru has worked with researchers from Harvard University, Canegie Mellon University, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.   Through building connections and networks in these prestigious academic settings Red Lotus is able to position itself as a technology worth investigating. 

Red Lotus is doing a great job of marketing their technology in unique ways based off of who their customer base is.  They have developed specs and videos tailored specifically towards the technical needs of the DOD.  In addition they have created marketing materials that highlight the humanitarian side of land-mine removal which can be used when marketing towards Non-profits. 

In the future Red Lotus is interested in licensing their technology.  They feel that this technology can have the greatest impact if licensed to the major metal detection companies.  These companies have the resources, connections and distribution channels to help the technology make a significant impact. 


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