Surescripts – Developing the next generation healthcare data network

Surescripts is bringing digital efficiencies to the healthcare market. The company was seeded by a group of large pharmacies to reduce the costs associated with prescription transfers and has grown the company into the dominant player in the secure ePrescribing (e-Rx) market. The company’s website ( includes a daily tally for the number of electronic prescriptions routed that day.  On March 4, 2013 the daily tally was a staggering 466,620 prescriptions.

With the success of the ePrescribing product, Surescripts elected to expand its products to cover a greater portion of the healthcare market that represents 14% of the US economy. Surescripts has recently developed momentum for its digital medical records transfer business by collaborating with physicians and laboratories.

The company is targeting the ten large healthcare alliances that represent over eighty percent of the doctors in the United States and the large laboratories that provide healthcare services. While these customers are easily identified and the value of digital transactions is well proven, the industry is historically resistant to change.

Without outside influencers, products with quantifiable value are slowly adopted over time. Surescripts wants to maximize the benefit from its first mover position into the market so they are actively engaged with potential customers to fine-tune and demonstrate the value of the product offering. The company has also proven to be successful at cultivating its industry contacts into government incentives designed to accelerate adoption of its products.


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