Dwellable: A New Approach to Vacation Rentals

Dwellable is a company that offers a unique value in vacation rentals, both to renters and property owners. They have developed attractive and easy to use apps (for Apple and Android devices) and a great website that puts together great vacation rentals along with an interesting blog. They’re targeting vacation rentals in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. They are continuing to expand the area they cover, and offer tens of thousands (17600 in Florida, 2651 in Hilton Head, 7720 in California, 4421 in Hawaii) of vacation rentals with high quality images and a great interface, both on PC and Apple/Android devices.

Dwellable does a great job of driving interest in their offerings through a variety of methods. They have an engaged social media presence (on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) and a blog with many different travel topics. They’re also unique in the vacation rental space for the very high quality of their app and website. Their iPad app was listed as one of 10 best travel apps by CNN (rank 8/10) and was written up by Forbes.

The apps are both attractive and easy to use, a key consideration in Dwellable’s founding and part of their vision–the company was founded in part due to a bad experience one of the co-founders had with a vacation rental. The pictures of the rental were poor quality and misleading, so he didn’t realize that the house was run-down. Dwellable on the other hand has very high quality pictures of the rental property, and is beautiful to use on an iPad (the device I tested it on).


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