Assemblon, Inc. – Company Profile

            Assemblon is a clean energy company developing technology that bridges the gap between renewable energy sources and liquid fuel storage. There are a variety of sources of clean energy, such as wind and solar power, that generate large amounts of energy but the options for powering vehicles with these are limited. Electric vehicles exist, but they require hours to recharge. Assemblon has a patented liquid carrier for hydrogen gas, which can be produced by renewable electricity sources. This liquid carrier is called Hydrnol fuel, and allows for the storage of hydrogen at standard temperatures and pressures. Prior to this development, hydrogen gas had to be either compressed or cryogenically liquefied for use as a fuel source. These methods are expensive and hazardous, but most importantly, do not translate to a method that could allow for the refueling of vehicles at something akin to a gas station. Hydrnol, the liquid carrier, can be recycled up to 100 times, and it should be less expensive than conventional fuel. The advantage of liquid storage of hydrogen cannot be overemphasized – this would allow the use of existing infrastructure (pipelines, tankers, storage vessels) which would provide a great deal of savings. The company is seeking partners to develop this technology and bring it to market.

          A marketing technique that the company does especially well is their use of YouTube videos. They have a variety of videos, which explain their technology and also the larger picture of hydrogen as a fuel source for vehicles. One video shows a bench top set-up of their model process for extracting the hydrogen and recycling the liquid carrier, while another shows a small engine running from hydrogen released from their carrier. These videos are educational and provide a method for people to learn more about the company.


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