Final Thoughts and Company Follow

I enjoyed my time spend in MKTG 555 this quarter, and this is my last class in foster as well. I finished all the TEC class and MKTG 555 is one of the great classes. Basically, I learned more startup companies from the blog , from Startup Seattle, Geekwire 200,etc. They are all good resources for entrepreneurs to see what’s happening in the world right now. The speech of local entrepreneurs who came to speak each class provided really good opportunities to share my idea and thoughts with them. The major takeaway for me from all the classes, guest speakers and the project are as follows:

  • Market research in detail is hard but very important.
  • Position the product need to be accurate in a right target market
  • Really need to talk with your customers and see what they need, sometimes it’s not your products’ fault, but your way to show to your customer.
  • Social Media is very tricky.
  • Feedback is very important, good customer services will show its magic for your product.

I usually come up an idea is just from my perspective like I’d like to develop the phone alerting system chips just because I think if the things go that way, that would be great. But the things actually are even it’s not goes that way, you won’t feel so much painful. When I finished the questionnaire, I found people have so many different reasons of why they like it or not like it. It’ s totally different way of thinking when I first would like to make this product. So that makes me understand what is “know you customer want” means.  

I will continue keep my eyes on real estate service software and product. I would definitely keep following the company I knew from this class, like “lovely” and “TRNIX”. I would like to start to think about the problems as an entrepreneur. I want to thanks Andy for the class to give us so many resources of startup company and provide valuable knowledge of how to do marketing for our product.



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