Learning in the Marketing 555 Environment

While in line with many of the learnings from the core marketing strategy course, Marketing 555 is a far more piratical application of these skills.  The assigned blog posts are useful for several reasons.  One, they teach the importance of a social presence in these confusing and ever changing times, two, the posts require students to apply their in class learnings to real world companies with the dual effect of learning about a start up and applying knowledge.

Students must also learn about time management throughout the quarter.  The final deliverables (an individual interview and company profile as well as a group term project) are both significant and necessitate work throughout the quarter.  

It is also important to note that the teacher for the class did a fantastic job of bringing in real world entrepreneurs and business folk who provided unique real world perspective during the class panels.  If there is one part of this course I would not tamper with it is the panels.




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