More to be discovered from Mktg 555, and Bloglovin

-by Alan (Yuan Lung) Luo

In my opinion, the best course should contain the following three sections: (1) explanation of the theory (2) real practical tools (3) resources to learn ongoing news and trends related to the course. I would like to praise Andy for achieving all the three. Not only does Mktg 555 provides basic theories of marketing, it also gives away many useful tools like Followerwonk, Launch Rock, AngelList, etc. Finally, I’d definitely continue to follow the blogs of many marketing companies like Hubspot, 500 startups, and Seth Godin’s blog, and perhaps check out the Tech Show once for a while.

The most useful knowledge I learned from Mktg 555 is the resources and the practical tools. The marketing theories could be easily learned through any standard marketing textbooks, but by knowing these tools I could save a lot of time on exploration, and the resources enable me to be constantly updated with new tools from the entrepreneur circle.

The only thing I wish I could do more in mktg 555 is to explore more about the various paid practical tools like Google Adwords. I would suggest for the next class to have a voluntary “lab cost” of perhaps $50-$100 to¬†incentivize people to try on these tools.

I will continue to follow the start-up Bloglovin since they are doing something related to what I would like to do in the future. I want to thanks Andy again for the class and all the classmates that provide valuable information through class discussions and blog posts.



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