Top Lessons Learned in MKTG555

Marketing 555 is definitely one of the most interesting courses I have had in Foster School. I get to learn pieces of wisdom from entrepreneurs who came and spoke every session, and know different perspectives and viewpoints in all types of businesses. The major takeaway for me from all the sessions, guest speakers and our final project is to always focus on your customers:

 Position your product in a specific target market
 Use social channels to get to your customers
 Go out and talk to your customers
 Develop your product with an understanding of your customers’ needs
 Adopt customer feedbacks and pivot if necessary

I used to think that maintain a good customer relation is something entrepreneurs should consider after developing a product and actually going to the market. However, from this course, I now understand that it is critical to understand your potential customer and get their insight before creating the product. Jane, from my recent individual interview, stressed the importance of customers even before you get a solid business idea, only the entrepreneur who truly cares about customers could identify the best, most relevant and realistic ideas.

Considering my interest in food industry, I would definitely keep following Simple & Crisp to learn from its tactics of story-telling and utilizing social channels.


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