Marketing 555 – Learnings and Follow

I was looking forward to taking this class so that I could have an opportunity to practice the skills I had learned in marketing in the “real world”.    Two big lessons that I learned in our class were the importance of  getting out of the office and talking to your customer and the importance of creating visibility.  In our project we talked to businesses that we thought would be potential users and learned a lot about the usefulness of our product and the price the customers would be willing to pay. We also learned about what really mattered to the customer in terms of price and needs.   Also, in class we were constantly reminded of the importance of visibility, having a web presence, articles, and other ways to get your customer’s attention.  In my individual interview, the founder mentioned to me that this was the big thing he focused on in marketing, getting visibility.  It seems like the most challenging part is to do something that will give you that visibility. Also, from this one of my goals has been to tweet more. I was already on twitter prior to class, but mainly read posts from other tweeters that I followed.

Marketing 555  provided a great opportunity for us to review some of the concepts that we learned in our core marketing class as well as to expand on these concepts and see them along real examples in entrepreneurial industry.  The best part of this class was the panels and real life examples provided in lectures. Through the panels we were able to learn about the marketing concepts in relation to how they are actually being leveraged in practice.  I also enjoyed the lectures because they were full of real examples and visuals that drove home the concepts.

Through the use of Angellist, a new tool for me,  I was able to find new companies that were in my interest areas.  I primarily focused on discovering new companies in the travel industry, but also had interest in the food industry. In the future, I plan to continue to follow Yapta and DealAngel, both of which I discovered in this class. I also hope to continue to visit angellist to see what other companies are starting up in the industries where I have interest.



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