MKTG 555

A lot of what I learned in MKTG 555 came from having new entrepreneurs speak to the class each week. Not only did it put marketing concepts in context but it also helped expose me to the wide variety of startups that exist in Seattle. I think this knowledge of what is out there was one of the best parts of the class. Between the guests, companies highlighted in class, and researching companies for blog posts, I feel like I have a much better sense of the startup scene and have discovered a lot of new companies that I will continue to follow. One in particular is Exo Labs. Before this course, my focus was on biotech companies developing drugs but I have discovered a lot of startups doing exciting things in the life sciences outside of drug discovery/development. This opens up a wide range of new opportunities that might interest me in the future.

I also learned how critical it is to focus on who the initial customers of your company are and how valuable (and easy) it is to get out and talk to them. I think I have improved by ability to identify that customer by observing other companies and through our group project. Additionally, this was my first introduction to strategies behind SEO and web marketing and I know that having this background knowledge will come in handy.


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