MKTG555 Wrap Up

Marketing 555 was a fun class this quarter. Through my group’s project I was introduced to a lot of new local specialty food stores. It will be great to visit them, learn more about the items they carry, and try out some new recipes. It also introduced me to the company Grocery Server. Grocery server had a similar goal as our business idea: make it easier to find grocery items in your neighborhood. However, Grocery Server focuses on telling you where you can find any item, not just those that are rare ingredients, as well as tells you about discounts and deals. Rather than being the go-to resource website, Grocery Server provides this information to other sites that use their service. Because of this, Grocery Server has popped up on so many recipe websites I have visited. I think their approach to serving the market is a great one. By providing the information to well known recipe sources, they don’t need to conquer that market too. They bring their information directly the users who need it and the businesses that benefit from it.

I think one of the most important things I learned from MKTG555 is that you can be clever in marketing. Although it is nice to have a large marketing budget that allows you to do print, TV and other traditional advertisements, these may not actually be the most effective means of acquiring new customers. Cultivating a grassroots following through social media efforts, blog posts that reference your business, or PR stunts that grab attention can be very effective marketing techniques at low cost.


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