Reflection: ENTRE 555

This is actually the first business class in my life. I remembered when I came into the classroom the first day, Andy asked “are you a business student?” I said “No”. “Have you ever taken any business class?” “No, I guess.” “….”  “is that ok?” “Well, probably, I guess.” That is how I started.

I am from Public Affairs and we don’t talk about new ideas and creativity that much and we don’t talk about MONEY at all. The first class when we created our own ideas and attract members to join you to make the marketing plan for your idea, that was the most exciting class I had.

Through every week’s guest speaking, I have met several entrepreneurs who are doing something interesting for me and got inspired by their stories. My reflection on all these stories is that sticking to the initial idea that interests you but keep changing on the strategies. 

From the individual interview, I met one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Chinese community in big Seattle area. his story of quiting from Microsoft and starting his own business with his own invention should be a good model for the Chinese community here working for big companies like Microsoft, Amazon or even technology companies in Silicon Valley. They could create more and better realize themselves if they have the courage as well as the marketing plan.

Our team project works well, although we have only four members and all are international students. We did a lot before narrowing down the target group to an actual community in Seattle. I think we have come up with the plan that you can start with at any time.

In any sense I could think of right now, this is a valuable experience for me. Some part of me has been changed during this course, which is a good thing.


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