ENTRE 555 – A Journey Not Only about Marketing

My take away from this course:

  • Raise my awareness of social media’s critical role in marketing campaigns.

ENTRE 555 changed the way I think about social media in marketing campaigns. Though I knew the importance role for Twitter, Facebook and other networking tools in marketing, before the class I never thought about trying using these tools to acquire customers (although I am always a successful case when acting as a customer). Until then I realized that Twitter and Facebook should not act only as entertainment, but also a critical part of marketing promotion plan. Besides, I think Andy’s slides for each section were really useful for they provide lots of valuable marketing information and opportunities.

  • Build relationship with real world entrepreneurs.

It’s a good idea to do interview with local entrepreneurs. On one hand, it gave me a good excuse to ask for a tour in an organization I am interested in; on the other hand, it’s also a good chance to improve my interview skill. I made an almost same kind of interview last quarter, with a different topic though. I was not satisfied with my performance due to the lack of experience. Therefore this quarter, I adjusted the interview tactic (a face-to-face interview instead of a phone interview, etc.), and I am pleased I did a better job than last one. Facts proved that a face-to-face interview should always be the first choice if circumstances allowed. At least it works for me because of its efficiency (reduce the chance that we’ll be misunderstood) and a good way to build an ongoing relationship with your interviewees.

  • Diverse class members, good way to make friends and learn.

As Andy mentioned in the last class, ENTRE 555 was a various combination of different backgrounds students. It was an interesting experience to work in a team with diverse members. I appreciate my teammates’ great efforts in making our project perfect and I learnt a lot from them. Ways how they thought, how they cooperated, and how we respected each one’s perspective.

Marketing is a comprehensive and complicated domain. I did not expect to learn all its essences in 10 weeks. Although we did a mock startup marketing plan, I know it will be more complicated and difficult once we step into the real world. However it was a good exercise as we spent 10 weeks to think seriously about our product’s marketing strategy. I am thankful that ENTRE 555 showed me ways to dig into this field. Thanks all.


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