ENTRE 555 Reflections

As a formal journalist, I have seen a lot of marketing campaigns and how companies approach media to promote their products. I always think I know what “marketing” is. However, ENTRE 555 opens a new world for me. It’s the first time I strategically learn about marketing and begin to understand the underlying logic behind marketing campaigns, from product positioning, market segmentation, pricing and distribution, to customer acquisition, retention and referral.

There are so many details to think about in order to successfully promote a product. For example, I remember the first time I wrote about the customer acquisition plan for our product. I said we would promote the product on social media, media, blogs and outreach event. Andy commented: What will you do on Social media? Why would anyone find you on Facebook? Which writer in the campus newspaper? Why would a tech blogger write about you? Which one? At that time, I know that I can’t act just based on assumptions. It’s a strategic thinking process, full of details, which determine success or failure.

Besides, for this class, I interviewed several entrepreneurs in town. I like that they all have big dreams about what they are doing, while still down-to-earth and willing to take on trivial work. I learned from them about the importance to use twitter promoting ideas to reporters and maintain relationships with them; I also learned the strategy to ship the product sooner rather than later and get feedback from customers to improve the product. 

I wish our classes could be longer so that I could dig into more details about all the marketing tools, analytics  and tactics. Thank you all for the fantastic journey this quarter.  


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